B1/B2 Visa renewal Dropbox experience in Mumbai 2023

             **USA B2 Visitor VISA renewal experience in Mumbai  2nd March 2023

Our US B2 Expired on 15th April 2019. Due to covid epidemic USA Embassy/ Consulate stopped receiving Visa applications.
We came to know about Interview waiver for the renewal of visa expired within last 48 months, scheme announced by US government in January 2023. We then decided to apply for renewal of our expired Visa.
Now I am giving below step by step process I took for renewing visa for myself and my spouse.

  1. Interview waiver conditions are laid down in US consulate website.
  2. I opened the website “ https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/” for online DS-160 filling. Noted the Application ID number.
  3. At first, I filled up online DS-160 for my self on 11th February 2023.
  4. DS-160 Confirmation appeared on the screen which was printed as pdf file in my PC.
  5. Then a Thank you message appeared and asked if you want to do the family application for another person traveling with you? I clicked the yes button.
  6. A new application page opened and I filled the New application for my spouse. Saved the application ID. And DS-160 confirmation for spouse.
  7. Created profile for both in CGI federal website for both.
  8. My Son-in-Law sent soft copies of I-134 and letter of invitation , (a very big bunch of papers ) I also prepared from my side like Bank accounts, other assets , list of relations in India etc, After having all sets of documents ready I Logged in CGI federal website to continue the process, for scheduling appointment, Filled for both in the same form added my spouse by giving her details after clicking continue button a page for submission of Payment of fee opened. Paid by NEFT the Beneficiary account name and unique number appeared which was noted and added to beneficiary in my bank. The receipt number can be seen in CGI federal only after few hours.
  9. Paid US visa fee and got t he MRV receipt number automatically in scheduling appointment page.
  10. Next day I continued in CGI federal website a page for scheduling appointment opened, A Message for congratulation appeared that you are illegible for Interview Waiver and can opt for Dropbox appointment, Choice was their Dropbox / Interview.
  11. I selected Dropbox and a new page with availability of date and time calendar opened. I was fortunate enough only one date was available on 2nd March 2023. I clicked on the date and confirmed.
  12. An appoint
  13. ment Confirmation appeared of about 12 pages. I printed PDF and saved in my PC. There were instruction for address for Dropbox, documents list to be submitted with the passports. Passport with Last expired Visa and any other continuing passports were to be submitted. 2 US Visa specification photos of both. Although in appoint confirmation they say one photo is needed.
  14. On the appointed day we reached half an hour before the time, but there was no line for Dropbox although big line for Biometric was there. Since our last visa was issued after 2008 so we have ten printed (all our ten fingers scanned).
  15. We were asked to go in the building even before time. On the first floor there was two sections, one for Biometric and second for Dropbox. Only one Counter for Dropbox was busy and we were guided to counter number 8. The person said that my wife can sit and need not to go to counter.
  16. On the counter after exchanging greetings, I was asked to give documents. Only three passports, DS-160 conformation and Dropbox appointment confirmation were taken. I asked for I-134 or any other supporting documents to be given or not. The man in counter said no other documents needed, he checked all the details in current passports for both of us with DS-160 and Drop Box appointment. After checking the e came out of building with in ten minutes.
  17. I continue to check Visa status in site CEAC website and CGI federal. Since there were holidays so on till 17th March CEAC web site showed “Application Received” Only on 17th Morning it showed ISSUED and passport will be delivered with in ten days. But on 20th Morning it showed passport is under process. On 21st Morning Visa and passport delivered by Bluedart courier.
    In the nut shell just fill up DS-160 without any mistake and as per details in Passport. Pay fee register in CGI website. Schedule appointment. Traves to VAC with only passports and confirmation for DS-160 and Dropbox appointment. No other paper required.

Good Luck.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the forum.