B1/B2 visa - related documents required for port of entry


I have b1/b2 visa issued in India (sponsored by employer forB 1) and planning to travel for 10 days to colorado.

Can I travel with this visa for a short visit which was sponsored by a company?

What kind of documents i should need at port of entry? is invitation letter and insurance enough ?

Thanks in advance



You Need Below

  1. Inivitation Letter ( Latest One Provided by company Stating Purpose and Duration of Visit)

  2. Training Schedule (Training details for all Duration of Stay)

  3. Business Card ( not Mandatory but it can be asked, It was asked for me twice)

4.Company letter stating that You are Going for US visit on Business Purpose and descrition of Project for which u wil be trained) ( Invitation letter and this both are different)

Also, carry the print out of the return ticket. This may not be required, but good to carry the appointment letter and some pay stubs. They would NOT ask for these, but just some additional evidence to carry.

Thank you but the us travel is not for business purpose but as a tourist on b2 visa for 10 days. It not at all related for a company visit.

But someone should invite you for a Visit … Am not sure whether you can Travel this way… On the B1/B2 visa stamped from ur Comapny …