B1/B2 visa, questiona at the POE

I have been invited by my cousing in the USA to go visit them, at USA port of entry if the immigration officer ask if i have any other friends or relatives in the usa what should be the best answer?

Just say the truth that you are visiting your cousins.

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi how much pocket money do i need, and what if the one who invites me offers to cover all my expenses do i really needs pocket money if aske at the Port of Entry by the immigrations.

There is no requirement as such but if you are carrying more than 10k you need to declare in the immigration forms.
If your sponsor is providing monetary support disclose that to the CBP only if they ask specifically about the sponsor.

Thanks one again, one more question. Can i extend for my holiday for another month or 2 after spending a month in the USA already for my holiday and if thats possible how do i do it?

You can only stay as long as your I-94 is valid. The CBP officer at the immigration will issue the I-94 so make sure to exit the US by the expiry date on the I-94

Am currently in the USA but at the POE i wasn’t given any I-94 form after am done with the immigration officer he just return me my passport. How will i know about my duration of stay been given?

Your I-94 record can be accessed online.