B1/B2 visa on hold 221 g yellow slip

Hello friends

I have applied for B1/ B2 visa in may 2016 in montreal on the basis of offer letter for driving truck to usa. I got refusal ! Then i moved to surrey in june as someone was giving me job there for driving the truck inside canada!I drove the truck inside canada and again on my employer suggestion i aplied for usa B1/ B2 visa! I appered for interview on 7 th of july in surrey ! My consular asked me abt d co. And my qualification . I told him everything truely. He kept my passport and ds 160 form and said eveything is ok but gave me yellow slip and told me dat dey wil contact me vi email. Now today is almost 2 weeks… No reply ftom their side!! I am very worried and tensed . Why dey r taking so much time to decide!? I hav to go to india next month but cnt as i dnt hav my pasport with me!! Please tell how much time dey can take! What are d chances of dere decision??dey kept my pasport !! Is dis a good sign??

There is no SLA and so so it can take days or weeks or months.

If you want your passport back, then write a letter to the consulate asking for the same. You can say that you want to keep the case open but want your passport back as you have to travel to home country. You can also add that you will be willing to submit the passport in future whenever consulate wants it for processing.