B1/B2 Visa name difference in Visa and renewed passport will it have any issues ?


I am B1/B2 VISA where my given name is FNU and in my renewed passport it is corrected.

In the first passport name is mentioned as


Given name: Palghat Krishnan Prasad

In Visa

Surname: Palghat Krishnan Prasad

Given Name: FNU

In the renewed Passport

Surname:Palghat Krishnan

Given name: Prasad

I am planning to travel to visit my daughter in US in June First week with above documents, will I have any problem with immigration. Do you need to carry any documents. For name bifuracation in India they don’t ask for any documents and it was done without any problem while renewing the passport.

If someone can guide it would be helpful and should note face issues in port-of-entry.


Prasad P K