B1/B2 Visa Expiring

My Parents B1/B2 visa is expiring within three months. Can they still come to visit us. Would immigration let them in with such a short time left on Visa.

If it is valid to enter , what kind of additional risks/questions they might face at the immigration check point. Please let me your thoughts and suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

Visa only serves the purpose of entry into the US. You can enter in the US with a visa that will expire the next day of your entry.
The duration of stay allowed is controlled by the I94 that the CBP will issue.
However your passport should be valid for a duration beyond your intended stay.

Thanks very much for the confirmation.

Are there any addition risks or questions at immigration because of the visa expiring soon ?

Please do share if any one has such experiences specific to B1/B2 visiting visa.

I dont see any risk with the visa but you must already be aware of the current travel ban.


Thanks a lot.

of course they would come only after the ban is lifted.