B1/B2 Visa Dropbox renewal documents

Has anyone renewed B1/B2 visa for parents recently ? I am looking for list of docs to carry for dropbox besides standard DS 160 & Appointment confirmation… Any inputs would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance!

Renewal documents are no different then the first time except for the invitation letter.

When my parents went for B1/B2 visa interview several years ago, I sent a bunch of supporting documents (pay slips, bank statements, affidavit of financial support, etc.) and they took it to the interview, and got the visa.

Recently, my mom applied for B1/B2 under interview waiver since the old one expired less than 48 months ago. The appointment letter mentions only a certain number of required/primary documents (DS160 confirmation page, passport, photo) to bring for submission. I did some research here related to supporting documents for a drop box appointment. Many forum members here said that the staff at the counter will not have take any other documents besides those listed as primary/required documents.

To be safe, I prepared all supporting documents. The affidavit of financial support is much more detailed than what it was 10 years ago. I mailed a bunch of documents using FedEx even though I knew they won’t take it. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to prepare and send it just in case, is she was called for an interview.

My mom took both primary and supporting documents to the counter. They only took the required documents. She got her visa within a week.

Thank you so much for the detailed response.

Its always good to overprepare than underprepare. You never know when they will raise RFE to ask for more documents or call for interview.