B1/B2 visa dropbox option not available


I am trying to get visa renewal for my parents , their visa is going to expire next month. I paid the fee. But I dont get the dropbox option. It is directly showing Chennai visa appointment option.Please let me now.

Thank you

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You should contact the VAC for such questions.


Hi Manju,

I am in the same boat here. Not able to find any B2 renewal appointments, obviously. But also not able to see the DropBox option. My parent B2 VISA expired in July’21. Did you have any luck with finding the Dropbox option?


I too am facing similar issue with the appointment.

I had filled the application including the interview waiver questions and I am eligible for drop box. But when I scheduled the appointment date it scheduled an interview with consular.

Can I Close and start a new application in order to fill in the interview waiver details again?

Will I be charged again or will I be able to use the amount I paid?

Did anyone face similar issue and got it resolved?