B1/B2- DS 160 submitted 2 years back

Hello, Can someone help me on the below question.

My parents DS-160 has been submitted on Jul 2021 and Visa Appointment is scheduled on Feb 2023,My question is ,Year 2021,DS-160 is valid to carry for the interview? if not can we update with the new one? if yes what’s the procedure

You dont need updated DS-160 unless any of the information in the DS-160 you had submitted has changed, for e.g if the applicant now has a renewed passport.

Thank You Kalpesh, So they are good to carry the same DS160 right, I’m unable to see DS-160 because submitted 2 years back.

HI- Did you update the DS-160? and hope your appointment went good and got the visa


I have a similar question. But I submitted my DS 160 last year (2022). Since then I have moved to a new address.

Please let me know at the earliest if a new DS 160 is required ?