B1/B2 Drop Box denied at door and unable to rebook an interview slot

Hi There,

After qualifying for interview waiver, i finalized the appointment slots for my mom , the system did not alert me that the date that i chose do not qualify. My mom went ahead and was turned back for non-eligibility. Now i am trying to book for a visa appointment , but it is still giving me appointments for drop box, customer service has not been of much help in this matter. What are my options now? I ran out of number of attempts, and probably might land up repaying the fee.
can i use the same DS 160 form and new payment or shld i recreate a new application and get into the interview schedule rather than entangled in dropbox schedule.
pls help

Sorry to hear. What exactly happend ? When was this slot booked ? Why did they say ineligible ? Did you try to expedite ?

Coming to your question, when did you create DS-160 ? Do all the details remain valid or changed ? How many times did you re-schedule ?

understand, but why did they say not eligible ? Was it because you booked placeholder appointment ? or any other reason ? When was DS-160 filled ?

It looks that you are at fault. System clearly gives the conditions of eligibility of drop box. It is your responsibility to read them carefully.and see whether conditions are met.

From a distance it looks that visa expiry date is nearing 4 years. Appointment has to be clear 7 working days before 4 year visa expiry date.
If that period has gone , you will have to take fresh appointment like any new applicant. Fees are valid till sept 2023.