B1/B2 and H4 visa

Hi All ,

I hold a B1/B2 visa and later i got my H4 visa . My spouse is in US now . Can i travel in my B1/B2 visa for business purpose and also take along my kid who is holding a H4 visa . .

Please help .

If the purpose of visit is business, then you should use B-1/2.

The kid can accompany on H-4.

Be clear and precise with your responses at PoE as you both will be traveling on unrelated visas.

Thank you

Can i travel in B1 and make some friend take my kid in h4 though my friend has B1 . Both different locations

Theoretically it is possible, but I don’t know anyone who has done this. So do your research before proceeding. Maybe talk to H-1’s attorney.