>B1 Advised ,greater than B1 Advised on my B1 Visa on the port of entry

Hi Saurabh,

When i had travelled to the US in 2010 , at the port of entry the immigration official with a pen had written a > B1 Advised (greater than B1 advised) on my B1 Visa. Now this year i am trying to file a new H1B, would this make any impact on my H1B?

It shouldn’t impact the outcome of H-1 processing. How long did you stay in US on B-1?

In general, B1 visa does not affect H1B stamping. I think you must have travelled many times on B1, so the officer put his/her remarks. When I had travelled on B1 for the third time, the immigration officer had verbally told me that if I wanted to come to US again, I should have a different visa. May be that’s what is meant in your case too.

So, relax, you are only doing what the officer recommended.

Thanks Saurabh. I stayed in the US for 10 weeks , i was permitted 12 weeks of stay by the immigration official.

It was my first visit to US on the B1 Visa and have never travelled again.

It should be fine and should not impact your H-1 processing.