B revoked and new H1B filed after one month still received approval

This is not question but update on my immigration issue. I think everyone should tell their story once you get settled with your immigration

  1. I was working on H1B visa in USA for more than year. I had visa stamp in passport valid till 2017.

  2. In Dec, I was laid off due to company financial issue. Company lawyer told me they will send letter to USCIS to revoke my H1B.

3.I found new Company who filed for my H1B under premium processing after one month. I got visa approval with new I94.

Hope this helps

Thanks for sharing. Not many people come back to update the forum about their cases.

Can you tell if there was a gap b/w your last day w/ old employer and the filing date of new employer?

Yes, there was a gap
If you are aware H1B filing is two step process

  1. LCA filing ( takes 1 week)
  2. I129 form (actual H1B filing -takes 2 weeks - premium processing)

In my case LCA was filed in couple of day but I129 was filed after 1 month under premium processing.

Thank you for sharing. Did it get filed by another employer after it was revoked by your ex employer. I know it is possible, just wanna confirm with your real experience. And many people are not aware of immigration laws and giving wrong information which is distracting. I am currently going to process my cap exempt. I will share my experience once it approved.

Yes there was overlap between revoking old visa and new visa submission


i am in same situation .my h1b revoked last week and after a week i have company who filed my LCA.

my visa is valid till 2018 stamp.

my question is i dont have paystub of 2 weeks with me, so how this can impact .

did u have pay stub, if there is 1 month gap.did u travel out of USA or stay here.

please reply me

I do not if you need pay stubs. I had it and I sent everything to company lawyer, I am not sure if USCIS reviewed everything?
I did not travel outside during this time