Attending ffirst time H1-B stamping from outside the India

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your time…

I got the US employer who can file first time H1-B this year 2014 for me.

I belong to India and now I an on international assignment and I will be on this country till End of July, till then I will not be returning to India and incase mine gets picked from lottery then I would like to go VISA stamping here itself

But here question is,

If I ask my employer to process my case in premium process and incase mine got selected in 2014 lottery…, Can I expect all documents received before End of July and Can I go for stamping in this country itself before I leave this country(means before End of July)…?

Thanks in Advance…



U can go for stamping at any place, ask Ur employer to include the place of stamping ib H1 application. Its not even problem even if not included, U can go to any place for stamping. Getting docs might not be an issue, talk to ur employer on this