Attended h1b visa interview - client verification failed

Hi, This forum has always helped me clear my doubts.

Now I’m in need of help from this forum to get an answer for my posting.

I had attended h1b visa interview in Chennai with all documents on 6th Dec 2013. VO asked for my petioners documents and the client letter too. I gave him all. Finally, he gave a 221g blue slip and told that the Client letter/employment has to be verified.

A week later, I contacted the US manager and he told that the HR asked him regarding the client letter and he has told the client letter was NOT issued by him and he has reported that he was not aware of this. I was shocked to hear this and now I’m worried that my h1b visa will be rejected.

Will I be issued a life time ban entry to US? Will I be in any trouble? Please help me.


Who gave U the client letter, if they didnt?

US manager gave the letter… but now he has backed off.

There will not be any lifetime ban AFAIK, it may be revoked/withdrawn…
U find another employer who can file Cap-Exempt Petition for U…

Thanks for your response

did you get any response from the Chennai embassy regarding this.

Today morning my case status shows as updated. I’m not sure what the update is. I guess this week I would an intimation in vfs. Hoping and praying it should be smooth.

Your case is update fast. i hope things will turn to be good . keep us informed. you can email me also

Though the date is changed to “Updated on 23 Dec 2013”, the status remains the same. Not sure how long it’s going to take to see the next status update and what’s it’s going to be. Little worried too.

No need to Worry . Everything is out of our control so do not think much . My humble request is to start finding new employer possible in next 30 to 60 days and refile the H1 transfer . if you are not sure what the outcome will be

My dear friend do you have any update after the status changed couple of days back.
Keep me posted i am also in the same boat . It would be great if you can share the info. I know it is very hard to go through all this . please let me know

There is no update on my 221g. It shows the same status. I’m planning to try for h4 visa as a dependent on my husband’s h1b visa.
I’ve requested for cancellation/withdrawal of my h1b application and hope there wont be any issue for my h4 visa.

i do not know so much anyways best of luck .if you wish keep me posted my email id is

any update on your case i know you withdraw anything else plz let us know

Sure. Will update. Any update on your case. What’s the status now?

Hi all, I got h4 visa. Visa interview was smooth. Thank God.

VO asked why i’m applying for h4.
Told because my h1 visa is being delayed

Then asked my qualification and my husband’s name and company information. Then the VO entered some information on the computer and then said, my h4 visa is approved. :slight_smile:

So what I learned is nothing to worry when you go for h4 visa if all documents are genuine and with you.

got the good news Approved and stamped after 35 days . IT is still ok Client is happy and no issues we see . Thanks for keeping me updated . Good Luck and Congrats to you . Keep intouch

Hi istalobaloba,

Could you please let me know what happened to your H1B case ?

Either you or your employer recieved any update about your case ?

Appreciate if you could answer ASAP., i am in the same boat as my client terminated the contract and DOS enquiry went to client after my contract has been terminated.

what about your status ?. i am in same situation lie you .

Hi, I am also on same boat. Once after client verification failed my employer revoked H1B and asked me to with draw visa application. Could any one please advise is it going to be life time bann for me or can i try for different visa