As a new H1b employee, Should I switch job in just 3 months?


I just got my H1b done and flew to USA around 3 months back.

Now I am not liking the work and salary offered to me in the current company.

My previous company’s US office has a suitable opening for me and I am thinking of getting my visa transferred to the older company.

My question is:

  1. Is it ok to transfer H1b visa in such a short time?

  2. Is there something like a job history which employers maintain and such a move will ruin that history (like credit history)?

  3. Can my current company cause problems in my visa status if they so wish?

Please advice.

Thanks in advance!!

  1. Yes you can

    2)No there is not such a thing

    1. Dont tell your current company that you are moving, until the company that you are moving in to has processed your visa transfer.

    Remember, you “might” be asked in visa interview in case you attend one in future why there was a job change in such a short period. So you have to have an answer ready for that.