arriving to US on f1 or h4 is better

I want to pursue my masters degree in US after marriage, as my fiance is there. Can I get option of in-state tuition fee? He is resident in Massachusetts from 2 years. I have 2 questions. 1. Which visa to go on for financial benefits. H4 or F1? 2. If I arrive US on H4 and choosing colleges later, do I have to take GMAT or any other entrance exam?

Yes, you can after living for 1 year with your spouse in the US in that state.

Here are my thoughts for your questions 

1. It depends on the context. If you can wait for one year, then you would get in-state, which will be huge savings in fee...but, there are other things that you miss on H4 like you cannot work on campus.

2. The admission process to join any US school does not change. If the program and University requires you to take GRE or GMAT, then you have to take it. 

Read this article for full info on  [H4 Visa Study in USA - Benefits vs Disadvantages ](

Arrive on H-4, change to F-1 later or you will separate your visa class from your spouse making approval difficult.

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with H4 visa, you can get in-state tuition fee in some state universities. (you will have to check with the university for the same) . There are some disadvantage of H4 like, cannot do paid internships while you study, cannot take CPT/OPT etc. and on F1 you can do internships, and OPT also you can do On campus jobs. so i suggest to enter US on F1 visa. If in USA on H4 visa and for some reason if you want to change it to F1, you have to apply for change of status and it might take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months. Its totally case by case (in my case it took 5 months and I completed 2 semsters of my study waiting for F1 status so that I can do internships) Having said that, if you dont want to work in USA then H4 is better.