ARK IT - H1B Fraud .. Beware

Hi All

This is to make you guys aware of this fraudulent company, who has faked the entire sponsoring and hiring process for H1B aspirant this year.

Initially, i was reluctant and my intuitions weren’t wrong.

Process started as anyother company and had deposited 1500 USD in their account for the same. Everything seemed to normal but yet I had a hunch that something is fishy. And then I started asking lots of questions, specially when I found one of the friend who had also applied through them, had interview scheduled with some client. When I called him and asked him about how was his interview, what all they asked and "WHO WAS THE INTERVIEWER?’, to my shock he turned out to be the guy who was handling my case from ARK IT side.

I reacted immediately and asked them to cancel my application and refund my money as I had lost faith. To which I got a response saying that its late now and they are in final stage of filing and asked me to keep faith in them.

I was refused but they were adamant and came the day of 30th, when applications were supposed to be send to USCIS and there I received a mail from George (my case handler) that LCAs were rejected and refunds will be processed by first week of May’16. And here I’m writing on 18th July, that no money has been refunded whatsoever.

I am now exploring ways to file case both in India and US against ARK IT, and decided to write up because no aspirant should get cheated when new session starts after few months.

B E W A R E of ARK IT !!!

Exact same scenario with me too , I am also the victim of the Fraud of ARK IT Services , Guys we should get together and file a complaint against this person so that at least we can save other people from being a victim to these guys , I think next year these people will change their names and company names and start the cheating process again , do we have a what’s app group my number is +13132582453

now beware of Vijay Anand for H1B fraud

he is providing reference of of Vijay Anand)