Are you managing your visa anxiety well?

If you are coming home tired and angry, your spouse sees you irritated all the time, you raise your voice for no reason and your children are afraid of your moods, chances are that visa anxieties are getting to you. In addition, you won’t feel like going out for parties, receiving friends at home or even going to eat out. You are also probably losing sleep and appetite. The question is - what is your anxiety useful for? and the answer is Nothing - not a thing. You are worried about something you have no control over. So stop doing this and making everyone in your life miserable. Take one day at a time, eat nutritious food, read a book, watch a disney movie. Don’t forget that you are in this country because you are above average. Nobody can take that away from you. In the meantime, read your Bhagwad Gita - Karmanye Vaadhikarasya Maa phaleshu kadaachana (Only work and not the results are in your control) or Holy Quran (It is I and not you who decides your life) or Holy Bible (I will carry you whenever you allow me to do so) or the Zend Avesta (Your life and your light are from me, bow down only to me and not to the struggles of your life). So relax and stop checking your US postal mail so many times a day for anything from USCIS. Let us deal with stuff when it happens, don’t deal with it a thousand times before anything actually happens. It is a waste of energy and waste of valuable head space.