Are Project/Vendor related to successful H1-B Petitions Filing?


My employer has filed my Petitions (I m yet to get the number) for FY 2014. When I gave my documents I was in Project "A" for Vendor "X". Now I might be getting released from project "A" because the Project is ending during April end - May first week.

Now, if the Project changes to "B" or the Vendor itself changes to "Y", would that be a hinder in converting the Petition Successful or Filing a Visa??

P.S.: My employer is [b]NOT [/b]Getting changed here.

Any Comments would be helpful here

No, you can change projects. But ask you attorney if you need an amended LCA.

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New LCA is required followed by H-1 amendment whenever there is a change in location/client.

Thanks for all the comments. Yes I agree that if client is changed an LCA is needed, but what if I changed my client (NOT Employer) and my petition goes in RFE stage?

LCA is tied to location. So if the petition is in RFE and your client has changed and RFE is related to client/project, then my suggestion will be to file new LCA and submit it along w/ a letter explaining the change. Do you have an immigration lawyer?

Saurabh - Thanks for the inputs. No I haven’t filed H1B through an Immigration lawyer. My employer has filed an H1B on my behalf.

If I submit my LCA when the Petition is in RFE, I guess the petition would be considered as cancelled/denied since the client descripition mentioned in the necessary documents (Resume, PRD etc) won’t match with my client that I’m currently working upon. Any thoughts???

You mean to say your employer is filing the petition by themselves and don’t have an attorney to help them out?

When your client has changed from X to Y, already submitted documents for X are no longer valid. When you submit new LCA for Y, along w/ a cover letter explaining the change and also new project documents related to Y then it should be fine. If your employer knows an attorney, then its best to consult them about the language and what all needs to be included.