are, etc legit sites?

I am from Mumbai, India and seeking for h1B 2014.

I am from the logistics and Records management industry and have more than 10 yrs experience (more than 5yrs in logistics). What are the chances of getting a h1b sponsor in logistics industry?

which logistics companies provide h1b sponsor?

I found some websites like, etc. which have paid services to find h1b sponsor jobs, are they legit sites? I found negative reviews about but did not see any negative or positive reviews for

do these kind of websites really help find a h1b job??

please reply as I dont want to miss the 2014 h1b plane !!!

I do not know much about the paid services by h1base…but, myvisajobs used to be a free website.

In my view, all these websites do is process the publicly available data released by Department of labor and put it in a presentable way, just like we have done as well. Check out

Green Cards Sponsors

Kumar, thanks for the reply.

I would also like to know what is the best way to broadcast my CV / Resume to H1B sponsoring companies???

And when is the right time to search for jobs in the USA given the fact that 2014 visa application begins april 2013???

Also, let me know What are the chances of getting a h1b sponsor in logistics industry?

Logistics actually is one of the best business occupations for foreigners. First it is not a hot major for American students, second logistics openings often prefer people with international background, because of the “world economy”: things are no longer manufactured in US. Third, the jobs need some technical and analytical skills like Excel/Access.

The occupation used to be called Logistics and Transportation(basically truck and warehouse), but now has a fancy name: Supply Chain Management.  You should use both name to search for openings.

I am not familiar with h1base, as most of its services are available to paid members only. Myvisajobs provides lots of free services including visa reports, sponsor profile and job search.  You should be able to find something related to logistics on

I do find reviews about on Google Checkout. Since only users who have made payment could leave reviews, they are pretty reliable. 


There are few negative reviews about myvisajobs, possibly they have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund policy. In US, it is common to have no question ask refund policy. Check out the refund policy or ask for free trial before you make any payment.

I got my H1B visa this year and there are many top USA employers that recruit workers from overseas because there is a high demand for many types of skilled and educated professionals in the USA, shown by the speed that the last visa quota was reached.

Some sites in USA are free, some charge small amount, some charge $200-500 just for Resume improvement work, some charge $$thousands for doing all the job application and placement work. I think it depends on what opportunity level you want, how much time and effort and work you can spend putting into it, and how much you learn and know about doing everything correctly and most effectively, without making any mistakes.

When I 1st tried, I found out the hard way that there is no such thing as 100% free, one trick some sites can use is to get you in free and then they try and charge you money, or you pay in pain by losing any real chance.

Like emigrating to any Country, there can be some challenges and it requires putting in some time, effort and hard work. So it’s important to focus clearly on the benefits and advantages that working and living in the USA presents to each person, and to get every advantage you can find.

The opportunity level and best way to get here may also be different for each person. However, I think one thing remains constant is that gaining from experience and knowledge is extremely valaubale for everything we do in life. In this situation we can gain benefits and advantages from people who work professionally in careers that specialize in helping overseas workers get through the challenges and know how to help people achieve their goal. I found it was the most valuable resource and advantage I got because they know exactly how to help and what works best to guide you through everything correctly.

However, just like in any profession, for that ‘expertise’ there is always a price, and in the USA there is always a price for companies providing their services.

I found options range from free job boards, to job sites that provide added value benefits, all the way up to full service placement. Each presents a very different level of opportunity and assistance. Some sites give lots of added-value services, bigger benefits, better advantages and more help for connecting with the right types of jobs, companies and employers, and also offers some resume preparation help, interview preparation help etc.

If you’re overseas I suggest first changing and make improvements to your CV to get it into a USA style Resume for a much higher opportunity to get considered and selected in the USA job market.

There’s lots of basic job search sites out there and I found I wasted a lot of time because many free ones just show copies of the same jobs or companies and don’t give much valuable help or real chance. They can be a useful resource to some low level but very time consuming and hard work having to keep trying to search and filter out the jobs that are available for overseas workers. Another more proactive method is to target the actual employer company and proactively apply to recruiters and managers directly. Again, it needs lots of time and has to go after precisely only the right companies that offer job and visa opportunities for overseas workers for next quota.

Conducting my job search for the USA job and visa sponsorship market was very different to what I was used to before for local India search. It also takes USA companies a lot more time to recruit overseas candidates and because of the visa quota window, they have to start many months ahead to recruit all the people they want and get everything ready to file all visa docs and applications early. Starting job searching early is wiser than starting late because you have a full opportunity and more time to get everything achieved before the window closes and the opportunity is gone. I realized it was best to take advantage of some expert advice and use a more specialist service to help increase my opportunity and save a lot of time and hard work compared to just using the basic and mass market free or cheap job boards (if something is free it normally means everyone and their dog is using it which in this case; increases the competition level for jobs / shrinks your chances, which is not good).

To get to your destination and achieve your goal successfully, a big helping hand and some good knowledge and experience goes a long way and can really improve your chances much higher, and make the possible difference between success and failure.

When making your choices, some important things to consider are 'what does it mean to You to live and work in America: what are all the different short-medium-long term benefits that it offers and can provide to you, and 'what are you willing to do to really make it happen?. For me it was my big dream and meant everything to me, so I did everything I could to achieve it and I got expert help and it worked. Your answers ultimately decide what option, method and level of service and help is best for You and your opportunity.

I wish you luck and success my friends

Thanks for the reply, I am feeling good after reading your reply and the opportunities in logistics in usa… Can u also tell me some legit websites which can help me broadcast my CV to right companies ?

Also can u tell me, how much time will it take for processing the H1b visa if I apply in April 2013?

Thanks yer980… the reviews are good… can u tell me some other similar websites too who are equally good or better??

Hi aksfat and I’m happy you felt good after reading my last reply, thank you

both the companies you mentioned are legit and good, I have used both myself. They just help in different ways and at different levels of opportunity and amount of time and work needed. As I mentione above, it depends on what level you want or need to help you for your situation and goals

I think on internet it’s common now to find both some good and bad reviews about almost every company, product or service. Some will love and some people might like, and some people might not like so much - that’s the way we all are and have different opinions and thoughts about things.

When I was searching for my job I used these 4 sites - was free - job search and sponsor records - paid money - sponsor records - paid money - job search and sponsor records
(can pay extra $ for resume, extra for resume sending, extra for tel coaching and advice etc) - paid money - included everything

All were good in there own way and I don’t have any complaints about any of them because they were all legit and genuinely tried to help at different levels, and I think any company that tries to help people from around the world get the chance to live and work in USA is a good company.

Myvisajobs was good but I ended up getting my sponsorship job in the USA from using services, possibly because they included everything from start and have been helping people the longest and have most experience. I also liked that you only pay one time and everything in the service continues until you get a job

As well as there paid services they also have a Free membership which has search system for sponsor company records free, and some good tips and advice to help to get started

When you get successful in your job search and file your visa application, you employer can file by Regular or Premium processing types. My employer used Premium which was much faster and because the quota gets filled so quickly I heard that most employers use Premium now.

You can find more information on processing for Premium and times on the official USCIS site

I found this latest report on H1B visa demand in USA for skilled workers which is really interesting and I hope can help you learn more about best professions and locations and employers

My name is Richa and I am a solutions architect with 9 years experience. I bought the pro elite service on the H1B website for USD 294.95 on March 12, 2013.The seller claims on their website that they will get me assured H1B visa sponsorship by forwarding my resume to the relevant employers in the US etc… Its been nearly three months since I paid and I haven’t heard from even one prospective US employer, and when I try to contact H1 Base office half the times they dont answer my emails and keep dodging me. On the basis of their inefficient service I expressed my desire to end my service with H1Base and requested them for a refund. They asked me to contact their finance team for the same. So I wrote an email to the Finance team asking for a refund, but the Finance team or nobody from H1 Base ever bothered to reply back. I deem this company as fraudulent and want a full refund of my USD 294.95 payment. Can someone please help.

Also I would request all of you to please not fall in their trap. They are Fraud and will rip u off you hard earned money. Please mail me on at gmail dot com if anybody wants to know my experience with them.

Hi All My Friends,

   I would like yo give you suggestion about H1BASE that please please STAY AWAY from H1BASE, They are 100% SCAM. Nothing you will get from them, I have already lost $299. 

I have registered 3 months back and never seen any positiveness from h1base, Sent an email to them and not getting any reply now.
So i lost and i learnt something but i do not want you all to loose your hard worked money.

Hi RajivKL, I am very inspired by the story and experience you shared. Can you please tell me what is the total amount you spent on these websites? Thank you. Yuan

Hi RajivKL,

I heard H1Base asks for money at start before we take their service. Seems couple of months salary also needs to be given to them. Was this true even when you applied through them?

First of all H1BASE wont really help you to land in USA with H1B, that is the important before we think something else about them.

h1base is not a legit comapny and wont really help you .I am a software engineer with 12+ years of experience .I came to the US as a student and out of desperation took their premium services .They mentioned that they sent my resume to 200+ companies…I did not receive any mail from a single company even notifying me that they received my resume …Their counselor did help me with buillding my resume …But this company for sure is not genuine .I repeat not genuine.
Just think about this a senior software engineer with 12+ years of experience does not get a single call …i burnt my hands …would not let others get their hands burnt

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Thanks for sharing @Joseph_J_D !