[AR-11] Change of Address

Hi! I hope everybody is doing well in these trying times, I would like to apologize if this is not the right section I posted in. Quick question (long explanation):

Back when I was still in my home country, I did not have any address to put in my DS-160 form, but I reached out to a certain organization and one of their members was kind enough to offer their address just for that sake and for my SSN, let’s call this address “A”. When I moved to the United States, I had to stay in a hotel until I can find a new apartment, I was able to and have lived there ever since, let’s call this address “B”.

Now, I am moving to a new unit in the same apartment complex, I just would like to ask when filing for the AR-11, do I put in address “A” or “B” on the previous address section?I literally never lived in “A” but that is where my SSN was mailed to so the SSN packet has that address and on my DS-160 when I was still applying. On the other hand, I can’t remember but when my employer filed my H1B extension and asked for my address, I’m sure I have given them “B”. I do not know which one to use, I reached out to the immigration lawyer of my employer and he suggested “B”. I am just worried that they keep records on this and I would put the incorrect address and would cause me trouble ( I hope not). I just wanted a second opinion.

Again, thank you and have a blessed day everyone !