Approved Petition in 2008 but no stamping


I applied for H1B in 2008 thru a consultancy and the petition got approved. Later i could not go for visa stamping as my company did not find any project assignment and eventually never gave any documents for myself to go for stamping.

I just have a petition number.

Am i eligible to apply for HIB in 2013? Will come i under new Cap ? I am trying to find a employer currently



Yes you are eligible. You are cap exempt you do not need to go thru the cap again.

Hi Vijay,

I have a similar case. Did you have any luck finding a new employer?

Hi Bhavesh,
i tried but i could not find an legitimate employer so far. I believe as i am cap exempt i can use the old petition number and file a new H1 even though the cap is filled for this year
Let me know if you think otherwise.

even i’m searching… will let you know if i find someone, and if that helps you

Thanks, i will also let you know if i find something

Please share your resume at with your I797