Approved I140, Go back to India and Come back after 5 Years, What is the process?

GC - I140

If I have approved I140 and going back to India for 5 years. I140 approved under EB3 category ( Priority Date - 2017).

> In order to come back in five years, Do I need to obtain H-1B status at that time. Am I subjected to H-1B cap again or H1B exempt ?

> If I want to come when Current date = Priority Date, what is the process to get GC?

  1. You can return later using a cap-exempt petition

  2. The employer needs to file I-485 when the dates become current

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Nice to hear that we can file H1-B under NO cap.
Should the H1-B be filed by the same employer(with whom 140 is approved) or can any other employer can file H1-B under cap except ?

What happens to this situation, if S386 becomes law?