Approved H1B petition but visa not stamped - does it mean nonimmigrant status in US

My employer is initiating process to file an L1B petition for me.

There is a question. It says - “Please provide copies of prior non-immigrant visa application(s) and approval notices, if you have previously held any other nonimmigrant status in the U.S”

Now the fact is that I had an approved H1B petition in 2009 but the visa was never stamped. In such a case what should I do in response to the above question. Should I provide my H1B approval notice (please note that visa was never stamped in my passport)

It is up to you whether to share this information with employer or not. If that H-1B was applied before you joined this employer, I see no harm in sharing the information. However, if you were employed w/ this employer in 2009 and got H-1 through another employer, I am not sure how this employer would react to this new information.

The fact that you had approved H-1 petition doesn’t impact the outcome of your L-1 petition.