Approved H1B petition-B1-Stamping in US :How fair is that?

I have a approved H1B petition since Oct 2012. Currently my employer is not in a mood to send me for stamping. Meanwhile a company from US contacted me and asked they would be calling me on B1 (funded by them). They informed me once i’ll be in US, they will be applying for a H1B transfer. I need to fund only on the ticket.

How far does this seems to be right? Please Advice.

Why B1 is needed? Let them transfer H1 right in India and then you can travel on that H1. and get it stamped.

I’m not sure whether the employer is a company or a consultancy. They were more interested in this procedure (Initial Salary will be shared on %basis). He gave me some reasons like, since the h1 is not even stamped once, it would be difficult to get a visa with the new employer.

If you are joining the company without knowing anything you must be crazy. Just see the reviews of the company. Talk to an immigration lawyer.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: people are there out to take advantage of you.
If the employer is fraud it wil stick to you for your lifetime. Talk to the employees of the employer and get reviews.

Thanks for the info!
This company has a rank of 200 odd in, although no one has reviewed about them. Have a pretty good website, says they’re into staff aug and themselves have some proj’s. The director spoke to me saying may be they dont have a matching skill for me, but still would have job for me for sometime on B1, and then i can go for a H1 transfer either by them or a diff company.

Getting B1 for this purpose is illegal! BEWARE! Red flag.
B1 to H1 transfers have lot of issues these days.
Try to find another employer. You will get 100’s if you put your resume on monster US.
Transfer visa from here and then go!