Approved H1B petetion, not working for the same client

I have filed my H1B with Company A while working for Client B. While applying for H1B Companny A has shown that i am working for the Client B and i will continue to work for the same client in future. JFYI its true that i was working for the client but through different Vendor. Now after my petetion got approved due to some Issue i have to move back to India and currently i am in India and not working for the client.

My question is do i need to make any ammendment in my H1 as i am not working for the client and it might happen that i might work for the same client if Visa is stamped. My client is not ready to give any letter. Can i go for stamping with the same set of documents and information which was suppiled to USCIS during my H1 filing ?

My company is a service provider company. I heard in some forum that if your comany is a service provider company you dont need to worry about the Client. just in case you are changing the client you need to file LCA and not H1 ammendment. I assume that my case is not similar.

Please suggest.

Your work location was XXX (client B’s location). When going for visa stamping, you need to know what your new location will be. If it happens to be YYY (client C’s location), then you need new LCA for YYY location followed by H-1 amendment.

H-1 amendment is required anytime underlying LCA changes. You can take the risk of appearing w/ new LCA and w/o H-1 amendment, but then there is a possibility of 221g being issued for H-1 amendment.

Depending upon your job profile and employer’s size, it may be important to carry correct client information. The consulate may decide to verify w/ the client about the project and contract.