Approved H1-B and conversion of H-4 to H1-B


I have an approved H1-B. I entered U.S last week on H-4. My H1-B is still in good holding. My employer has initiated LCA transfer for a confirmed assignment. In this case, after LCA transfer is completed what is the process to change to H1-B?.How long is the aprox timeine to get me started on H1-B in this process?

I don’t want o go back to India for stamping unless that is the only option possible.

Please suggest. Thanks.

Once your employer gets the new LCA, they should file H1B petition for you. If they can file it along with application for COS, you can start working for them as soon as everything is approved by USCIS. If the H1B petition is approved without COS, you might have to go back and get your VISA stamped and enter again.
If your employer did not file with COS, you will have to file the COS application once the petition is approved to move to H1B status.