Approved, Cancelled without prejudice, 221g ( White)

I had gone for my H1 interview on 28th October. My petition was filed for an internal project by the company. However the interviewer didn’t ask me many questions. He didnt ask me any question on whether this is an internal project or client requirement. He took my passport saying that you are going on H1

After 2-3 days when I went to collect my passport, the visa was stamped but there was a rubber stamp on that saying that Cancelled without prejudice. Also attached was a 221g form asking me for client documents.
I talked to my company and they said since they had filed for an internal project they will state the same as the response.

What are the chances of my visa getting approved.
How much time they take for deciding
If they reject the visa, can any other employer file a cap-exempt visa on the same petition

Please help

First you should submit required documents to them.And then will get visa.