Approval Received

I have received approval for my application. Approval is valid till Nov 2017.

I have below questions

  1. What would be the maximum last date by when i can do the stamping and max last entry date in USA.

  2. Do i need to wait to raise for stamping till i receive the hard copy?

  3. Since i got the approval only for 1 year, does that mean my total H1 B duration can only be 4 year(1 year now and assuming i get the extension for 3 more year)

  4. Also the end date on stamping will it be same as petition end date?

Just for info
May 2016- Notification revcieved Accepted in lottery
Sep 2016- Received RFE
Oct 2016 RFE responded
Nov 2016 Approval received

Thank you Admin and the users for all your valuable inputs.