Applying L1, but have H1 petition approved

A consultancy from US sponsored me H1 and I got the petition approved, which is valid until September 30, 2014. I went for visa stamping in March 2012, but was given 221g. The consultancy was delaying in providing the required documents. During the mean time, the company I work in India was ready to sponsor L1 (blanket) and they refused to sponsor H1. Now, I have two questions:

  1. Can I go for L1 interview when my previous H1 visa processing is suspended (because I was given 221g)? Will it have any impact in the interview or interview process?

  2. Because I have H1 approval from the consultancy, can I change my job since I have approved H1 with COS in future (before September 30, 2014) or is there any condition like the petition expires in a year from approval if not used?

Since no one replied, at least I will reply to my own question:

I attended for L1 interview after my H1 (221g). The VO asked about H1, but approved my L1 (blanket). So, you can appear for L1 interview even when you have 221g for H1.