Applying H1 B OTHER fileld than what you study

I am applying H1 B in IT field which is completely different than what i study in master.

Doess it affect my H1 B ? I have finished my Master degree in non IT field. I got some training in IT coursse and working as developer at this moment.

please reply soon. Applying H1 B through some IT Consultancy

This is what I wrote to a similar question:

If the H-1 is filed, then the employer will have to demonstrate that you are qualfiied for the offered position. If the graduation was done in a non-related field, then USCIS may want to see additional proof like technical certificates, resume, experience letters etc to be sure that you indeed are qualified.

So you can judge how you qualify for the offered position, discuss w/ your employer and then decide whether to have H-1 filed or not.