Applying for STEM OPT from 15 Jan 2019 and my passport expiry is 19 July 2019. Is this a problem?

I am applying for my STEM Extension OPT. My current OPT expires on January 15, 2019. My passport expiry date is June 24, 2019. Will my passport expiry date affect in me getting a STEM OPT.If so what should I do as I do not have time to apply for STEM. It is already October 2018 and I need at least 90 days for the STEM EAD to be processed.

You can get your India passport in your hand in 2 weeks, if you apply now. You can do that.

Otherwise, check with you international office, I don’t think it should be a problem. They will approve your OPT, but your I-94 will expire along with your passport, so you may have to re-apply for extension of stay with your new passport or go out and enter the country with your new passport.

Hi thank you for the reply. Does that mean that the OPT STEM that I received will only be granted for the duration of my passport expiration date? That is, will the OPT only be valid from January 15th to June 24?

I dont think it will affect your OPT approval duration, they will give you as usual. It is that your status to live (I-94) in USA depends on your passport expiry. Please check online as to your I-94 status, to see until when you are permitted to stay in USA. It will most probably be your old passport expiry date, right now. So once you you apply and get your new passport, and then apply for OPT, the I-94 status may be extended as USCIS may give you a new I-94. Incase , you dont apply with your new passport the I-94 will still be at your old passport date, which you might have to apply for extension of status.

Please consult your international office to get clarity, on new passport and I-94 status. They may explain it to you better. In the end, applying for OPT with new passport is always better, if you have time.

Thank you so much for your prompt response. Yes, I will also check with my school international office. But as you said I will apply with a new passport to avoid future problems if any.


I am having the same issue! Was did you finally do?

@Janani_Ramesh what happened to your case? Going through the similar situation.

@Arpit_Chandra what happened to your case? Having same issue.