Applying for PERM job advertised on Website


I am currently working for company X and not applied for PERM yet. I want to work for company Y.

I show an ad for a job on company Y’s website which matches my job profile but it looks like for someone else’s PERM application because labor department address was mentioned in it.

  1. What will happen if I apply for this job ? If i join company Y for similar role, then can they immediately file my PERM, on the bases of the ad which was posted on their website for somelese’s PERM application ?

Is there any risk in applying because they might have to show my application was rejected for such role.

  1. Is it possible to file a PERM within 3 months of joining company Y ? what is the minimum time required to file a PERM ?

  2. can any company file PERM without filing prevailing wage ?


from your question 2, I think you are thinking too much. Better relaxed first.

  1. Yes

  2. PERM needs prework. If ads are ran (not just on the site, it got plenty of ground work by the employer) and everything is ready, it can be filed even you didnt join the company at all. EVEN you dont need to be in US before, to file PERM. (thats why I said be relaxed first).

  3. This question again out of your over thinking.Just ignore this question so that you can relax better… (your employer would take care of these)

Actually, I have only 6 months left to file a PERM and I have not transferred to my H1B from L1B employer, that’s why i wanted to know if any company can file my PERM even if 3 months are left ?