Applying for Masters opt after joining phd


i have finished my masters in USA and immediately enrolled for phd program at the same school without taking my masters opt. Now I am rethinking about my decision and I like to quit the phd program and apply for jobs. Since I didn’t take opt after my masters, I am eligible to apply masters opt now. It has been only three and half months since I completed my masters.

Thank you for ur answer in advance.

This might answer your question

Post-completion OPT

Employment begins after completion of academic program.

[b]Earliest time to apply:[/b]

	Up to 90 days before program end date

[b]Deadline for Application to be Received by USCIS:[/b]

	Up to 60 days after program end date

	Within 30 days of date DSO recommends in SEVIS. You can judge this by the date in Item #10 on page 1 of your OPT recommendation I-20

	If you plan to travel outside the U.S. after your completion date, you must submit the I-765 first (even if you plan to return within 60 days) and obtain the Receipt Notice in order to re-enter

Thank you for ur answer.

But I missed that deadline of 60 days after my masters graduate for applying for opt as I apply for phd program and got a new i20. Now it is possible for me to quit phd and get masters opt

Contact your DSO…
AFAIK you are not eligible at this stage. You will need to takeup one more master’s for Master’s OPT

Did you formally finish the master’s program – specifically, did you receive your degree and everything?

I am asking because most PhD programs (like mine) don’t give you the master’s degree if you continue onto the Ph.D. But if you decide to leave, you can ask them to award you the degree at the time of leaving.

So if you haven’t formally been awarded the degree yet, just talk to your department administrator/head, and tell them that you’d like to leave with a master’s.