Applying for H4 visa with one paystub

My wife has moved to the US on H1B in April, she started working in May and has only one pay stub. She has no W2 as she has only been working since a month. However she as work history in the US (2008-2012) for which she has the W2 but no pay stubs.
Can I apply for the visa interview seeking an H4 visa with just one pay stub?
Or should we wait for some more time till we have 2-3 pay stubs in hand?
I understand that pay stubs are not mandatory and it is totally the Visa Consular officer’s discretion. May I know carrying how many pay stubs would actually increase the chances of getting the H4 visa?
Would the principal applicant’s work history in the US increase the chances of getting an H4 or the dependent?

Please advice