Applying for H4 Visa while wife is currently working in India


My wife is currently working in a company in India. However we have applied for H4 based on my H1b. Will it affect it getting the visa for her? We have filled in DS160 that she is currently working in India.

Please clarify.

Thank you Sonu for your quick reply.

Hi Winter12,

I am in same situation and attending interview very soon. Could you please let me know the experience if you have attended the interview? Does consulate officer asks any question about her employment? we are going together for both h1b and h4?

Hello Rajay,

Yes, they asked about her employment.

  1. Where are you working?
  2. What are you planning to do with your job? resign or long leave?
    My wife said she will leave her job.

Hey Guys .

I was working in India when my husband applied for my H4 visa.

Visa office did not ask me even single question about my employment.

I carried leave approal mail/Pay stubs/IT Returns with me.

Let me know if you need any help