Applying for H4 extension in India (current H4 expired)

Here’s my situation

My H4 expired on the 31st of Jan 2014 (concurrent with my husbands H1b). Now my husband has an extended H1b till Sept 2015. I currently live in India and need to get an H4 against his extended h1b. Here are my questions

  1. Do I apply for the extention in India? If yes what is the process. I got mixed answers from the internet some saying I need to fill in I539, and some saying I need to do the DS 160 form again.

  2. I am aware that I dont need to appear for an interview, so do I just send in my details to the local USCIS office and expect to get my passport stamped and returned?

  3. Is there a way that my husband can apply for my extension in the US? If yes, do I then need to send in my passport somewhere for the stamping again?

  4. Since my previous H4 has expired (date on entry stamp is Feb 9th) do I need to apply for a fresh H4?

Thanks a bunch for your help in advance!!