Applying for H1B with different degree completion date of OPT


I have applied for OPT (which is pending) in Feb 2013 and my degree completion date was May 2013 for all my paper works.

However, I dropped a minor that I was no longer interested in persuing, which made my degree completion date December 2012. I had completed my major requirements before my minor requirements.

Now I am worried, because I am planing on applying for H1B this comming April 2013, but would USCIS question why my degree completion date is different for when I applied for OPT? Would there be a problem between my OPT and H1B?

I don’t know if they will question it or not, but you had legitimate reasons to complete the course early. So if they issue RFE, your attorney can prepare a reasonable response based on the facts you have mentioned.