Applying for H1B while waiting for graduate OPT authorization?


Since it is too late to apply for H1B this year, I’m trying to think of other options. I would greatly appreciate if some of could answer some of my questions.

I am on my undergraduate OPT now and it will expire on Jan 31. I am planning to continue my education. The graduate school will start on Jan 9. My school advisor said I could apply for another OPT for graduate school once I am enrolled in graduate courses. I will apply for another OPT which is only part time in Jan 2013. I will probably receive the OPT card in April or later.My concern is:

  1. While I’ll be applying for another OPT card or working again, will I be eligiable to file for H1B on April 1?

  2. Any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot!!!


I don’t understand how your school advisor said you could apply for OPT before even completing 9 months of your new program.

Irrespective of any situation, your employer can apply for H1B.

Thank you so much! I just called other school, and they came up with a different plan. They suggested that if I start graduate program in Aug 2012, I could continue my undergraduate OPT until it expries in Jan 2013. Then in April( which I will be in 9 moths of the graduate program), I could apply either OPT or CPT. I will be enrolled 3 credit during the 9 months. Does it sound resonable? In this situation, can my employer still apply for H1B? Thanks much!!