Applying for H1B extension after expiry what is max time frame to apply


Last year I was having valid H1B Visa and petiotion from Jan 2012 till Dec 2012 and I utilized it from June till Nov.In Oct I applied for conversion to L1A but it got rejected.I am currently in India.Now my question is that"

1)My previous H1B petiotion is of any use now or its all done?

2)Can I apply for H1B extension now and what is maximum time limit in which I can apply for its extension?How much difficult it(approval) would be in case I want to be with same employer?If I apply for extension after 1 year(staying in India) will that be ok?

3)If I switch to another company in India(in case my current employer not interested in extension) thn will that expired petiotion be of any use for my next employer?

  1. It can be used to file a cap-exempt petition (H-1 extension or H-1 transfer)

  2. The current H-1 employer can apply for extension anytime during the 6 years of initial approval. USCIS will again review the submitted documents and either approve/deny it. Again, chances vary from case to case.

  3. Yes, the new employer can file a cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) for you. Once approved, you can go for visa stamping and then travel to US.