Applying for H1B and also L1B at the same time.


My employer asked me to apply for L1 visa and I will be going for the L1 stamping around first week of April 2016. If approved, I will be travelling to US immediately (I am not in the US now, I am in India).

I am also applying for H1B visa via another employer and the application will be submitted in the first week of April 2016. Most probably, I will know the status of this application by the end of May.

My question is: Can i travel to the US on L1B visa during April/May 2016 (i.e. during the time the decision of my H1B application is pending) without risking my H1B application? I would like to switch to H1B if it is approved.

Please advise ASAP so I could take a decision whether not to apply under one of the categories.

Thanks in advance,


You can travel to US on L-1 while your H-1 petition is pending. One doesn’t the other.

Once your H-1 is approved, you can move to H-1 either by filing COS (change of status) or entering US on stamped H-1 visa.