Applying for F2 visa for my wife. Already B1/B2 tourist visa got rejected

I got married recently and I would like to know the chances of bringing my wife to US in F2 visa. I am currently working on my F1 OPT visa and I have applied for STEM extension. The application is pending with USCIS. My wife is planning to apply for F2 visa after I get STEM extension approved. Previously, she and her parents got 214b denial for a tourist visa in September, 2018. After this, we got married in November.

Tourist visa questions:

VO: Do u have any siblings living with you?
Answer: Sibling is currently living in another county.
VO: Are u single?
Answer: Yes
VO: Have you visited any other countries?
Answer: I have visited Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.
VO: What is your work experience, your mother and fathers, salary details?
Answer: I have 4 years of IT experience and father and mother working.

After answering, they all got 214b denial. After this, she quit her job.

Now she’s worried that her tourist visa rejection would affect F2 chances. So, we would like to know how to answer the following questions in F2 interview. Pls help…

  1. How did you both meet? (Ours is a love marriage. We have been working together. Can she say this or not tell about working together in IT?)
  2. Why did you quit the job before marriage? (Actual reason is she wanted a break and not interested in work. Can she tell this or some other reson?)
  3. How do we convince the VO that we will return after OPT expires? (Can Husband and in-laws properties can be stated as strong ties to home country?)
  4. Does all the proof of funds need to be on my name? or can she show deposits and funds in her bank account also?

Thank you.

Both are different visa types, she does not have to be worried about it.
Do not try to fabricate answers, tell the truth, they can make out, if you try to fake it or fabricate answers.

She is arriving in US to stay with you as your spouse, that’s the main intent right ?
Well, if you are sponsoring and have funds in your name, that should be fine. If she has savings as well, that should be fine as well. Work with your DSO as well on this and seek their guidance. In general F2 visa stampings are sometimes tricky and there are no reasons given for denials…Good luck !