Applying for F1 Visa in community college, after getting my bachelor's & working on OPT. Are my chances slim?

Hey So I just finished my bachelors in finance. I spent a year working in sales and didn’t get selected in the H1B lottery. So I’m now in to community college, to take some classes in marketing/sales to get my feet wet before my MBA/MS in marketing. Im also studying for the GMAT. I do want to travel back to my home country and although I have a valid i20, my visa has expired so I will have to reapply for that. Am i taking a risk by travelling home? Because they will have to reissue another F1. I wonder if my chances are low since I’m going to community college after a bachelors (although im doing it to take classes in a subject I never took classes in before).

I am working while studying at community college since I’m taking a coop class that requires me to do so. Let me know if its better to just avoid travel at this point.