Applying for B2 while already holding a valid L1B visa

I’ve a valid L1B visa (till March 2013) from employer ABC. I’ve resigned now (notice period will end on September end). I dont’ have a new job offer as of now.

Now I want to visit my fiance (who’s on H1 there) and for this I need a visitor visa.

Will it be a good idea to apply for B2 while serving notice period as I dont have a stable job to convince VO? OR should I wait till I get a new job offer and then apply for B2?

You need to show that you have enough fund to go and come back on B2. It is immaterial whether you serve notice period or not. To show that you have enough fund, you may have to show your bank statements, salary slips, sponsor records, etc. You don’t have to tell VO that you are serving notice period, as long as you can prove that you have enough fund for a trip to US.

Your L1 visa may get cancelled when you go for B2 which again should not matter to you as you have already resigned and can no longer use it anyway.