applying f2 visa

my husband made a mistake when he was filling his ds160 form he metion single while we was married for 2 years. I had a passport with his name which i got after his visa was approved.
now i want to apply for f2 will my husband ds160 form will be accessed during my interview and if yes what should i explain.

The officer may access the form. If asked, you can reply truthfully that it was an honest mistake. It would be officer’s discretion whether to let it go or not.

what if i get a new marriage certificate the one that indicates that i got married after i get the visa. will that be negative move to get married after getting the visa or its the best option for me right now.
because am really afraid that Visa officer will not understand and think i had made this intentionally but there was no such intention and it would never affected my visa chances i just made a stupid mistake

It would be illegal to fabricate marriage certificate with wrong date and I will stop my reply with that.

so i guess there is no way to get f2 visa. VO will never believe we make a mistake. thank you

That’s a risk you can decided to take or not. It is possible that VO doesn’t look at the old form or looks at it but doesn’t bother about the spouse details etc; or buys your reason for the discrepancy.

i contacted the embassy where i gave my interview they responded with this. is this means they will correct my mistake.

You are responsible for the information submitted in your application. Please advise if you reviewed the remainder of the application form and whether the other responses are correct. Also, provide your wife’s name and date of birth. We will add the information to your file to correct the erroneous application.

Thank you.

Yes, looks like they are willing to correct the mistake in original document.

my husband went to usa on a university visa but he switched to well reconize rnglish language institute at notre dame of maryland university. because he was having english skills problem and his university saved hiss fee he summited and told him he can come back to them.
will this effects my f2 visa chances.