Applying EAD for L2 from India

Hello,My Husband is going on a L1 visa soon to US and I’m not in a position to move to US now but wanted to know that as a L2 visa holder, can I fill-up the Form I-765 under Category (a)(18)) and send my photographs + Copy of passport + L1 approval notice of my spouse through my husband so that he can then post it USCIS office there.I will then wait for EAD to be sent (which I understand may take close to 90 days) so that I finish off my current work and then fly to US and started searching (I heard it is tough) immediately?I have searched a lot and unable to conclude Yes/No because the Form I-765 asks for a copy of Form I-94 only if available so doesn’t look like mandatory.Any inputs in this regard is highly appreciated!Thanks,Smitha

For L-2 EAD, you need to be on L-2. If you are outside US, then you don’t have L-2 status and cannot apply for EAD.

I think they say only if available, as I-94 is no longer issued at PoE. So a person may have I-94 copy issued at PoE (before current change of law went into effect), or not (in which case they submit a print of online status from CBP/USCIS website).

Thanks for the response Saurabh.