Applying B2 Visa for mother


I have applied for H1B this year and waiting for approval.

I would like to take my mother along with me when I travel. Am the only daughter and she is a widow. She is not working.

I have grandparents (father’s parents), who are very old. There are properties in the name of my father and grandfather. We have got successor certificate for the property which is in the name of my father, this includes my mother’s name (along with mine and grand parents name). Is this sufficient to show that she has strong ties with home country? Or should there be a property in her name too?

Please suggest me on chances of taking her along with me when I travel on H1B. As far as I have read in this forum, it looks like I can apply for B2 visa for her. Is there any way in which I can take her as my dependent?

Thanks in Advance!

You cannot take her as a dependent since per US immigration laws only spouse and minor children are considered as dependents.

She can only temporarily visit you for period not exceeding 6 months on a B2 visa. At her B2 visa interview she should be able to demonstrate strong ties to home country and looks like you have evidence for it in the form of documentation of property ownership/inheritance.