Applying B1 while H1B is in status of 221g pending ...


My H1B petition thru’ company A is approved but visa application got 221g blue slip “Administrative Processing” is still pending for more than 7 months.

I have moved to company B and working for past 5 months. Company B is recommending to apply B1 visa for my project later we might apply for H1b petition.

in this case , what are the rejection chances of B1 visa because my H1b visa application still in 221g status ?

What are denial chances of my H1B visa application because i moved to another company (B) from my H1 petitioner (A) ? they might come to know when i appear for B1 visa interview

Do you suggest me to withdraw my H1B visa application before apply for B1 visa for my current employer (B) ?

Please expecting early response.