Applying B1 and H1B Visa back to back in 3months time

I have been asked to apply for H1B in coming april quote , but due to urgent meeting I wasked to apply B1 in coming month that dec . Will there be any problem if i apply B1 and H1B back to back . Also in worst case if my B1 get reject with there be any problem in applying H1B april month. Please kindly suggest on the sme.

Also will my B1 get reject if I go for H1B.

One visit on B1 (preferably short, no more than 6 weeks), will not impact H1B stamping at all. Infact, it may be a good thing - the client was so happy with me, they want me to relocate - you can spin it that way.

Again, with just one visit on B1, there is no reason for it be revoked while getting H1B. I have visited US thrice on B1 (each visit lasting 3-4 months), and I got H1B stamped with no problems.

thanks dpat , would there be any impact if incase if my bvisa get cancel.